Configuring Logging

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Logging can be helpful for troubleshooting issues or keeping a log of activity.

Booked uses the log4php library to log multiple levels of information categorized into either application or database logs. By default, logging is turned OFF.

To turn logging on

  1. Rename /config/log4php.config.dist.xml to /config/log4php.config.xml
  2. To allow application logging, the PHP account requires write access (0755) to your configured log directory.
  3. Logging is configured in /config/log4php.config.xml
    • For Windows, set the file parameter to something like <param name=”file” value=”c:\temp\booked_log_%s.log”/>
    • For Unix, set the file parameter to something like <param name=”file” value=”/tmp/booked_log_%s.log”/>
  4. Logging is controlled by changing the of each
  5. Levels used by Booked are OFF, DEBUG, ERROR. For normal operation, ERROR is appropriate. If trace logs are needed, DEBUG is appropriate.
  6. To turn on application logging, change the to an appropriate level for either the default or sql loggers. For example,
  7. For more information on logging configuration, visit log4php