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New in Booked 3.6 – Resource Maps

Booked 3.6 has some great new features, but one we’re really excited about is Resource Maps. Resource Maps can be used to show real-time availability using floor plans, equipment layout maps, or any other visual representation of a resource’s physical location. Let’s take a look how they work. Adding Resource Maps Application Administrators are the… Read More »New in Booked 3.6 – Resource Maps

Booked 3.0 is around the corner!

I am very excited to announce the upcoming release of Booked Scheduler 3.0. This version is the biggest overhaul in years. The entire user interface has been updated to be more consistent, mobile friendly, and intuitive. Of course, there are many new features that I hope you’ll love – Missed check in reminders for admins… Read More »Booked 3.0 is around the corner!

Booked 3.0 Development Preview

I’m very excited to announce that we have published the first development version of Booked Scheduler 3.0! While we are still a few months away from a public release, I couldn’t wait to start getting feedback. This version is the biggest overhaul in years. The entire user interface has been updated to be more consistent,… Read More »Booked 3.0 Development Preview

Booked 2.10.1

I’m excited to announce the release of Booked 2.10.1! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this release introduces Resource Relationships 🙂 This new feature allows administrators to set rules on which resources can and cannot be reserved together. Let’s dig into that. From the Resource Management tool you have 3 new options for each resource.… Read More »Booked 2.10.1

Booked 2.9.2

Booked 2.9.2 adds the ability to configure schedule reservation slot labels per resource. Prior to this release, the slot label could only be set globally. To add a resource-specific schedule slot label, log in as an administrator and open Application Administration > Resources. A new section for Slot Label is now available. This allows you… Read More »Booked 2.9.2

Booked 2.9.1

Booked 2.9.1 is out now. This version extends the functionality of some core features. Credit Enhancements We’ve added a few really cool features to credits. The first is something that has been on the list for a long time. Accessory Credits You can now charge credits for accessory usage just as you can for resource… Read More »Booked 2.9.1

Booked 2.8.2

Booked 2.8.2 is now out. This release has only one feature, but it’s a big one. If you’re hosting with us, this feature is automatically installed. Otherwise, you can install the latest version of Booked. You can now set each resource up to be booked by more than one person! Whoo! Booked already allows unlimited… Read More »Booked 2.8.2

Booked 2.8.1 – New Social Distancing Features

We just released Booked 2.8.1. This was an unplanned release in response to the overwhelming demand for additional social distancing features. Hosting and enterprise support customers already have the new features available. Everyone else can download the latest version here. Limiting the number of people in a room A common new protocol that organizations have… Read More »Booked 2.8.1 – New Social Distancing Features

Restricting the number of people in a room

As we return to our work, limiting the number of people in the same space is critical to our safety. Here we'll cover one option for enforcing this with Booked.

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