Booked Hosting

Simple and secure at an unbeatable price

Want 30 days of free Booked hosting?

Take Booked on a 30 day test drive for free – no payment information required. If you love it, you can continue for just $10 per month with an annual agreement or $12 month-to-month.

What do I get?

When you host with us, you get full access to Booked with unlimited users, resources, schedules, and more. Hosting includes installation, all upgrades, early access to the latest features, and support directly from the application developers. Check out the FAQs for more information.

Sign me up!

By requesting a free trial of Booked Scheduler you agree to the Terms and Conditions and to receive marketing emails from Twinkle Toes Software, LLC. Your information will never be shared with anyone else. You can opt-out at any time.

Why host?

Booked hosting is truly a turn-key solution. We handle the installation and maintenance of the hardware and software, freeing you to focus on your organization.

Unlimited users, schedules, resources for just $10 per month with an annual agreement. Seriously.

No servers to manage

No software to install

No updates to apply

Unlimited professional support

Unlimited usage

Unlimited peace of mind

Do I have to pay for Booked?

Nope! Booked is free and open source software. You can download, install, and support it on your own free of charge.