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Big Changes for Booked Scheduler

I’m very excited to announce some big changes for Booked Scheduler that are going to let us better serve everyone who relies on Booked for as a cost effective scheduling solution.

Introducing LabArchives Scheduler

Many years ago Booked entered into a partnership with LabArchives to provide a robust scheduling tool to academic and research institutions. LabArchives Scheduler has quickly grown into a core tool used by institutions around the world.

Starting today, LabArchives Scheduler is free to all organizations with 5 or fewer users and resources. Have a bigger organization? Scheduler offers competitive pricing to grow as your needs increase.

LabArchives has been the leader in the Electronic Lab Notebook space for many years and now offers a platform of applications to support academics and research. Scheduler will continue to introduce new features that simplify equipment and facility scheduling while offering capabilities that Booked cannot, such as site-wide scheduling, GDPR and SOC2 compliance.

The future of Booked

Booked Scheduler will be shifting to better serve the small business and not-for-profit communities. Going forward I’ll be directing all new academic and research customers to LabArchives Scheduler.

With these changes in place, I’ve made the tough decision to discontinue the open source version of Booked. I’ve been maintaining the project for almost 20 years and it is simply no longer sustainable. Booked will move to a fully-hosted solution or as a licensed locally installed application. New features will be introduced that are less tailored to academic uses and more applicable to small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Common Questions

Is Booked going to be shut down?

No, in fact quite the contrary. Active development is ongoing and will continue with no end in sight. The source code is no longer openly distributed and the license has changed. The choice to only support hosted and licensed customers dramatically increases the functionality that can be added due to greater control of the runtime environment.

We have recently invested heavily in our cloud infrastructure and are poised to grow Booked for a long time to come.

I’m a Booked hosting customer. Can I move to LabArchives Scheduler?

Yes. Just get in touch with support and we’ll get you moved over at no charge.

I’m a Booked hosting customer. Do I have to move to LabArchives Scheduler?

No. You can stay with Booked for as long as you’d like.

I have a self-hosted instance of the open source version of Booked. What happens now?

You are free to use the open source version of Booked for as long as you’d like. New releases will only be available to hosted or licensed customers. There is no setup fee to move from a local installation to the Booked hosting platform.

Can I still sign up for Booked hosting?

Yes, with the exception of academic or research institutions, anyone can sign up for a free trial of Booked.

Is the price for hosting changing?

We have no plans to change the price of the hosting plan. We do not want the cost to limit anyone’s ability to use Booked, so we intend on keeping our hosting prices low.

Where can I find details on pricing and terms for a licensed on-premises instance?

Licensing costs and features are listed here –

Booked Scheduler