Booked 2.8.1 – New Social Distancing Features

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We just released Booked 2.8.1. This was an unplanned release in response to the overwhelming demand for additional social distancing features.

Hosting and enterprise support customers already have the new features available. Everyone else can download the latest version here.

Limiting the number of people in a room

A common new protocol that organizations have to follow is limiting the number of people in the same physical space at the same time. We’ve made this as simple as can be in Booked with a new schedule setting.

Open up the Schedule Application Management tool and look for the setting to control the number of concurrent reserved resources.

Editing this setting allows you to enforce a maximum number of reserved resources at the same time. So even if you have 10 resources on a schedule, for example, this setting allows you to ensure there are never more than 5 reserved resources at the same time.

Limiting the number of resources per reservation

Another new option is to limit the number of resources per reservation.

Setting this to 2, for example, will prevent people from booking more than 2 resources as part of a single reservation.

Neither of these settings apply to application administrators.

1 thought on “Booked 2.8.1 – New Social Distancing Features”

  1. Hello,
    I would like to inform you, that app is great but one thing is missing.
    We have problem, with notification of guest when the reserwation is updated. They have no info about it. Only applies to guests added manually as email addresses.
    May I set this function ? or you should prepair a new update for this ?
    Thank you and Best Regards.

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