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New in Booked 3.6 – Resource Maps

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Booked 3.6 has some great new features, but one we’re really excited about is Resource Maps.

Resource Maps can be used to show real-time availability using floor plans, equipment layout maps, or any other visual representation of a resource’s physical location.

Let’s take a look how they work.

Adding Resource Maps

Application Administrators are the only people who can add new resource maps. The feature must first be enabled in Application Configuration. A new menu item will then appear under Application Management named Resource Maps.

Adding a map is simple. Upload the map image, draw and label the resource locations, and give the map a name.

resource map administration

Once the map is published, it will be available for all users under the Reservations menu.

Browsing Availability

All published maps will show up in the Resource Maps section under the Reservations menu item.

Users can pick a map and a time to view availability of your resources. Available resources are shown in green. Unavailable resources are shown in red.

resource map usage
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