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New in Booked 3.8 – Reservation Notification Rules

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We’re excited about the Booked 3.8 release. Among the list of new features is a powerful and flexible reservation notification rule system.

A longstanding feature request was to be able to send emails to arbitrary people for specific reservation activity, and that’s precisely what this new feature enables. A custom set of rules can be defined and if a reservation matches those rules, specific people will receive a notification email.

Setting up a Notification Rule

Reservation notification rules can be accessed by application administrators from Application Management > Reservations. In the drop down menu on the top right there is an option for Notification Rules. Adding a new rule presents all the criteria options.

Defining Criteria

The list of notification rule criteria is exhaustive and flexible. Rules can be defined for any or all options, which include who the reservation is for, what is being booked, and when it is being booked.

One important thing to remember is that all criteria in the rule must be met in order for the reservation to match the rule. For example, if the Owner matches but the Resource does not, the rule will not be triggered.

What to Send

Notifications can be sent to a list of individuals, members of a group, or arbitrary email addresses. All people included will receive the same notification email.

It is possible to override the email subject or the email body. By default, the subject will contain the resource name. By default, the body will contain details of the reservation and a link to open it.

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