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Booked 2.9.1

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Booked 2.9.1 is out now. This version extends the functionality of some core features.

Credit Enhancements

We’ve added a few really cool features to credits. The first is something that has been on the list for a long time.

Accessory Credits

You can now charge credits for accessory usage just as you can for resource usage. Just open up the Accessory management screen, edit an accessory, and set the credit redemption rates.

Credit Charge Calculations

Previously, credits were always calculated and charged per slot. So if a reservation was 5 slots long and the credit cost was 1 credit per slot, the total credit charge would have been 5 credits.

A new option was introduced to allow a flat credit charge per reservation. This allows you to set a fixed charge amount that does not vary based on reservation length. To use this, just switch the Credits Calculated option for a resource or accessory to “per reservation”. You can still charge peak and off-peak rates, so if a reservation is made in any part of a peak period, the peak rate will apply.

Charging For Unavailable Slots

Booked allows reservations “over” unavailable slots. So if your facility is closed between 10pm and 6am, for example, you can still make a reservation from 8pm to 8am. Previously, we did not charge credits for the unavailable slots. With this version, we’ve introduced the option to charge credits for all slots.

Flexible Reservation Ending Times

Reservations are typically only permitted to begin and end during available slots. There are situations where you may want to allow people to end their reservations during an unavailable time, though. Consider a facility that closes at 5pm, but allows people to work past that time. In this case, you would not want to allow people to be able to book new reservations during the closed hours, but you wouldn’t want to prevent their reservations from ending during those times.

If you are using a standard layout, you can allow reservations to end at any time by changing the schedule.

API-Only Users

This last feature is really one for power users. This allows a user account to be designated as API-only, meaning the account cannot be used to log into Booked. It can only be used via the API.

The primary use for this feature is when using an external form of authentication, such as SAML. Users are prevented from logging into the API when using this kind of authentication because it requires active browser redirection.

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