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Booked 2.7.6 Is Here!

Booked is better than ever! You can now accept payments for reservations, enforce your terms of service, and allow concurrent bookings. There is so much to love in this latest release.

Booked Hosting Download Now Full Feature List

Full Changelog


  • Added email notifications when participants of a reservation accept or decline invites
  • Added reservation waitlist signup on view reservation page
  • Added ability to restrict guests from using tablet view
  • Notify users if the creation of a blackout time deletes their reservation
  • Updated Portuguese and Finnish translations
  • Bugfixes


  • Added utilization reports
  • Added ability to find a specific time
  • Added recurring reservation series ending emails
  • Added credits to reservation emails
  • Added link to add to Google Calendar to reservation emails
  • Bugfixes


  • Added availability view to reservation page
  • Added participant list to reservation emails
  • Redesign of resource tablet display
  • Added ability to search for reservations that missed checkin/checkout
  • Bugfixes


  • Added ability to set user status on CSV import
  • Added ability to share reservation details via email
  • Added ability set the resources, groups, and schedules a group can administer from Groups tool
  • Bugfixes


  • Added monitor display view
  • Resolved accessibility issues
  • Added Serbian language
  • Bugfixes


  • Added ability to purchase credits
  • Added credit usage to the reservation page
  • Added ability to set comma or semicolon delimited configuration setting to allow multiple admin emails
  • Added ability to send a reservation to Google Calendar
  • Added ability to select a resource image while adding
  • Added ability to begin a reservation directly from Slack
  • Added ability to set default group membership
  • Added ability to require terms of service acknowledgment
  • Added ability to set login page announcements
  • Added ability to set schedule availability dates
  • Added ability to configure different minimum notice rules for reservation add, edit and delete
  • Added ability to allow multiple reservations on the same resource at the same time for a schedule
  • Added ability to set multiple resource images
  • Added ability to set view-only resource permissions
  • Added ability to sync group membership from LDAP and CAS
  • Added ability to set fully custom layout slots
  • Added blackouts to schedule and resource calendar view
  • Added view calendar page
  • Added ability to embed a Booked calendar view on an external website
  • Added ability to require reservation title and description
  • Added user groups to report output
  • Added ability to set custom favicon
  • Added ability to customize email messages
  • Added ability to bulk delete resources
  • Resource QR code will open ongoing reservation if it requires check in
  • Added ability to find an open recurring time
  • Upgraded jQuery to latest
  • Bugfixes


  • Added ability to see real time availability when selecting additional resources
  • Added the ability to set a delete/reject reason
  • Added the ability to update users and resources on import from CSV
  • Allow setting phone, organization and position when creating a user from the admin section
  • Better highlight pending reservations on Dashboard and popups
  • Optimize JavaScript file loading for better page rendering times
  • Bugfixes


  • Added ability to search for reservations
  • Added ability to send user an email when an account is created for them
  • Added option to show captcha on login
  • Updated reCaptcha to use nocaptcha
  • If recurring start and end dates are not the same, then include both in the emails
  • Added Basque language
  • Added Thai language
  • Bugfixes


  • Added ability to set default start and end reminders
  • Added ability to import resources from CSV
  • Added ability to export resources to CSV
  • Added ability to export users to CSV
  • Added ability to include custom attributes in user CSV import
  • Added ability to import reservations from CSV
  • Added ability to bulk delete users
  • Added ability to bulk delete reservations
  • Added ability to bulk delete blackouts
  • Added ability to drag and drop reservations from calendar views
  • Added ability to select multiple options for most report filters
  • Added password update API
  • Added ability to set number of past and future days to include for Atom and iCalendar subscriptions
  • Added ability to apply configured default homepage to existing users
  • Saved reports and exported reports will use same columns
  • Added credits to manage reservations and reports
  • Show if a reservation is pending approval on popups and edit page
  • Added config option to notify users if they missed their reservation check in time
  • Numerous security fixes
  • Bugfixes


  • Ensure only one reminder email is sent per reservation when multiple resources are booked
  • Added Vietnamese
  • Added ability to automatically fill in blocked time slots based on gaps in available slots
  • Added ability to update a reservation before approving it
  • Added resource type filter to reports
  • Bugfixes


  • Use resource color on availability dashboard
  • Display reservations for multiple resources as one item on dashboard
  • Better handling of dates on the reservation page when an entire day is unavailable
  • Upgrade PHPMailer
  • Bugfixes


  • Include resource name in all email subjects
  • Added 'Today' link to schedule navigation
  • Added real time accessory quantity availability
  • Added ability to include email and phone in reservation popup
  • Added support for MySQL 5.7+
  • Added use sso flag for Active Directory authentication
  • Added user available credits to the reservation page
  • Added ability to copy a resource
  • Added Russian
  • Bugfixes and security updates


  • Added ability to invite users to join Booked
  • Added ability to repeat multi-day reservations
  • Added additional columns to reports
  • Bugfixes
  • Updated French language pack


  • Bugfixes


  • Mobile first, fully responsive user interface
  • Allow guests to book and be invited to reservations
  • Allow users to join wait list if requested time not available
  • Control resource usage with credits
  • Ability to request that users check in and out of reservations, optionally auto-releasing the reservation
  • Allow users to sign in using Facebook or Google
  • Require users to register with an email address from a known domain
  • Set specific days and hours which quotas are enforced
  • Allow quotas to exclude completed reservations
  • Added ability to search for an available time rather than browsing schedule
  • Require minimum and maximum number of accessories when specific resources are booked
  • Ability to restrict announcements to certain groups or users with access to certain resources
  • Added ability to book around conflicting reservations
  • Added ability to set reservation color by user, resource, or custom attribute value
  • Added tablet view that can be used to display resource schedule and allow sign ups
  • Added private custom attributes
  • Added admin-only custom attributes
  • Added resource-aware custom reservation attributes
  • Invites are attached to reservation emails as .ics file
  • On mobile, allow a picture to be taken for resource image
  • The first user to register will automatically be setup as the primary admin
  • Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes