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SMS for Booked is now available to all hosting subscribers and licensed customers! To add SMS to your license, contact us below or send an email directly to

    A good starting estimate is number of reservations you have per month x 5. For example, if you typically have 100 reservations per month you can expect to send around 500 SMS messages.


    In addition to email notifications, Booked can send SMS notifications for most activities, such as reservation reminders, check in notifications, or general reservation activity.

    Like email notification, SMS is opt-in.

    This functionality is currently limited to USA-based phone numbers. We expect to offer this service outside the USA in the future.


    SMS is being offered as an add-on service to Booked. The monthly subscription price is based on the number of messages sent. Pricing is current as of May 1, 2022 and subject to change. Prices are in USD.

    Messages per monthUp to 10001000-50005000-15000More than 15000
    Price per month$10/month$30/month$80/monthContact Support

    What happens if I hit my limit?

    If you hit your monthly message limit we simply stop sending SMS messages. If you have email notifications enabled in addtion to SMS, the email notifications will continue to be sent. You can upgrade to a higher sending limit tier at any time.

    Adding SMS

    To purchase a Booked SMS subscription, contact support.

    Enabling SMS

    Each user can opt-in to receive SMS messages from Notification Preferences, located under the My Account menu.

    Before SMS notifications can be enabled, each user must confirm their phone number. Once confirmed, the SMS option will be enabled for each notification type.

    To opt-out of messages, simply turn off each SMS notification option.